Kelp congress

Kelp Congress

Dive into The Kelp Congress in this short video made by Friday Milk during Lofoten International Art Festival 2019.

The independent project and curating group Friday Milk was in Svolvær during Lofoten International Art Festival – LIAF 2019 and made this short film from The Kelp Congress 16. - 22. september, 2019.

Out of The Kelp Congress there also grew a book with the same name. The book is edited by Hilde Methi, Neal Cahoon og Annette Wolfsberger and is a gathering of artworks, essays, photographs, poems, stories, and other writings that contribute to the recent interest in kelp and seaweed within contemporary art and thinking. The book forages for the insights that emerge through spending time together with these ecologies, revealing their inherent and entangled values.

«The Kelp Congress» is published by Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter. Read more about the book here.

Devil s Apron Kåre Grundvåg and Trond Ansten 1 Intertidal She rvik LIAF2019

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