General Information

Kunstnerhuset is located at the top of a small hill on Svinøya in Svolvær, and access to Kunstnerhuset is clearly marked with signs.

The facilities are basic, but we have Wi-Fi, hairdryers, clothes iron, and ironing board.
There is a washer and a separate area with facilities for drying your washing in the basement.
We also have ample space for storing various equipment such as skis, bikes, surfboards and similar.
Should you wish to attempt to catch your own food, we have a fishing rod that we will gladly lend out.

We recommend and encourage our guests to bring indoor shoes, as this will help keep the premises as clean as possible.

Summer time: We have a couple of barbecue grills available for use, weather permitting.

Wintertime: the hill up to the house is short but steep, and during winter, it can get slippery. We sand the road if necessary, but it may be wise to use ice cleats on your shoes.

Note that not all taxi drivers will open to drive up the final hill.


On the first floor we have two, large ateliers with views out to the sea and the mountains in all directions. The rooms are well suited for work with both small and large formats, and are also suitable for use as course rooms.

We also have one studio in the basement, one that has previously been used as a printmaking room. The basement floor ceiling is high with lots of natural light. There is underfloor heating, so the room can be used all year round.

One must be prepared to share the ateliers with other artists who are visiting the house. Some periods are more popular than others. This is especially true of the summer months, June, July, and August, but we also have many visitors during January, February, and March.

It is important to note that there are currently no stores in Svolvær or Lofoten as a whole that offer art supplies. You must therefore bring the equipment you will need yourselves. Some choose to send this by mail ahead of their arrival at Kunstnerhuset. Collecting packages at the post office can be arranged in advance in agreement with the manager.

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Living Room

In the cosy living room at Kunstnerhuset we have couches and armchairs for watching television, reading, and good conversations. We have sizable bookshelves with several art books in addition to other forms of literature. We also have dining tables that can seat may people.

Outside of the living room, there is an outdoors area with tables and chairs available during summer. During winter, the area can be used as an observation post, should one wish to look for the Northern Lights.

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We have a fully equipped kitchen with all the tools you need for making your own food. We have three refrigerators, two freezers, and a dishwasher. You can quite comfortably prepare food for larger groups here. We have tableware, glasses, and cutlery enough for approximately 40 people.

One will need to buy one's own food, which can be done in central Svolvær (about a 15 minute walk from Kunstnerhuset). There are several grocery stores in Svolvær; Kiwi, Coop Xtra, Rema 1000, and Spar (where you will also find a fish counter and a fresh food counter, where you can get an assortment of hot meals.). These are open to 11pm on weekdays and Saturdays. Kiwi in Osan is the only grocery store in Svolvær that is open on Sundays. It is located a bit outside central Svolvær (about a 30 minute walk).

Everyone staying at the house are jointly responsible for keeping the kitchen area and common rooms clean and tidy. A separate box for storing dried foods, which may also be labeled with name, can be provided.
Shelves in the refrigerator can also be labeled with name so as to make it easier to keep things organized.

We have an environmentally friendly profile, and practice waste sorting. We ask that all our guests help us with this in the best possible way.

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We have two spacious bathrooms each equipped with a WC and a shower enclosure. There is one room on each floor.

In the bathroom on the ground floor, you will find a hairdryer and a first aid kit in the cabinet. Extra towels can be found in the bathroom, as well as in the linen closet in the hallway on the ground floor.

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At Kunstnerhuset, we have six single rooms and three double rooms. New beds for most of the rooms were purchased in 2013. Each room has a desk, a wardrobe, and window blinds should you find the summer nights too bright.

When you arrive at Kunstnerhust, the room has been cleaned and prepared for use. Bedding and towels are included in the price. We will also handle final cleaning. Should you wish to change your bedding during your stay, you can find new sets in the linen closet in the hallway on the ground floor. There, you will also find clean towels. Any cleaning during the stay must be done by the guests themselves. Both necessary washing equipment and a vacuum cleaner are available for use.

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