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What we do


We have an exhibition programme with 5–6 exhibitions per year in our own gallery in Svolvær. In addition, we organise exhibitions elsewhere in collaboration with other organisations and persons in Norway and abroad. Find out more here.

Regional art projects:

NNKS involves itself in selected locations in North Norway. We take a long-term perspective and run projects over several years, thus enabling significant encounters and interaction between the art and the locations. For 2020–2022, we are working with a project in Vardø in the county of Troms and Finnmark. Previously, we produced and presented a series of art projects at Mo in Nordland. Read more about our involvement in Vardø here.

Lofoten International Art Festival – LIAF:

Since 2009, NNKS has owned and administered the international biennial LIAF – one of the oldest art biennials in the Nordic countries. LIAF has a five-member artistic advisory board, and each edition of LIAF is curated by new curators. In 2019 LIAF won the Norwegian Critics’ Association Award. Read more about LIAF here.

Facilitating learning and engagement with art:

NNKS has an extensive programme for enabling the public to learn about and engage with art, and it is focused especially on children and young people. Among other things, we develop, organise and produce exhibitions, performances and other types of artistic productions for Den kulturelle skolesekken (The Cultural Schoolbag). Artists in our network hold workshops throughout North Norway.

Art in public space:

One of our key aims is to enable as many people as possible to experience high-quality art in public space in North Norway. NNKS functions as an advisor for public and private patrons/commissioners of art as well as for art consultants, curators and professional artists. NNKS has a high level of expertise and a large network of consultants and artists.

Sales of art:

NNKS has the region’s largest art shop. We represent most of the professional artists and craft artists who work in North Norway. At our premises in Svolvær, you can find a large selection of art and contemporary craft. You can also see a selection on our webpages. Read more about the art shop and have a peek at our collection here.

The artist residence Kunstnerhuset:

Kunstnerhuset in Svolvær has welcomed artists since 1951. This facility is now owned by NNKS. We offer living space and studios for artists on a weekly or monthly basis. We also organise our own artist residency programme and activities linked to Kunstnerhuset.

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Film about "The New Theater of Operations" with Bianca Hisse
This film invites audiences to a poetic presentation of Bianca Hisse and her new exhibition «The New Theater of Operations» at North Norwegian Art Centre.
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