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residency at Vardø (photo: acte vide)

Transmissions lyd kunst residency: introduksjon-lytting-samtale

The two institutions co-curated the field visits of a small group of resident artists/ researchers in Ano Syros and Northern Norway. The project aimed to explore the audible and inaudible past associated with two coastal locations ‘on the periphery of the periphery’: the unpopulated island of Gyaros which is administered by Ano Syros and the Municipality of Syros-Ermoupoli, and Vardø, the easternmost town of Norway, located in Varanger peninsula.

The musicologist and researcher Anna Papaeti, who focuses — through her writings as well as her artistic practice — on the relationship between sound and trauma, and the artist Maia Urstad, who creates sound and multimedia works based on archival sound material and obsolete technologies, were invited to collaborate and visit together the two locations, during spring and autumn 2021, accompanied by the artistic duo ‘acte vide’ (Danae Stafanou and Yannis Kotsonis), which is also the founding nucleus of Syros Sound Meetings.

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On Wednesday, April 13th, those who participated in the project will be back in the island of Syros, so as to share a sample of their ongoing work, based on recordings and interviews conducted during their field visit in Syros and Gyaros, in June 2021. Moreover, the “Transmissions” curatorial team will present some of the motivational questions and challenges that emerged through this groundbreaking collaboration, initiating a dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, namely artists, researchers, educators, and community groups based in Syros.

Both the theme and the objective of the project were developed by ‘acte vide’ in the context of the cooperation between Syros Sound Meetings and the Syros Institute. The initiative was part of the “Transmissions” project, which is coordinated by the Onassis Stegi (Greece) in partnership with Ultima Festival (Norway) with the support of EEA Grants program and the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014–2021.

Wednesday 13 April
Syros Institute — Syros Culture Research Center*
Ano Syros


Maia Urstad (resident artist, Syros Sound Meetings 2021–22)

Anna Papaeti (resident artist, Syros Sound Meetings 2021–22 & Research Associate Professor at the University of Cyprus)

Karolin Tampere (curator at North Norwegian Art Center & PhD candidate, UiT Arctic University of Norway & University of Bergen)

Yannis Kotsonis (curator of Syros Sound Meetings)

Danae Stefanou (curator of Syros Sound Meetings & Associate Professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

*Free admission, on a first come first served basis. Reservations via e-mail at soundmeetings@gmail.com. The Syros Institute is located just below the bell tower of Agios Georgios church. Entrance from the upper end of the settlement, turning right just before entering the complex of Agios Georgios church

The residency is co-organized by Syros Sound Meetings (Greece) & North Norwegian Arts Centre (Norway and is part of the Transmissions project, supported by the EEA Grants program and the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014–2021. Transmissions is coordinated by ONASSIS STEGI (Greece) in partnership with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival (Norway).

Visit the programmes official website here.

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