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Air Nor-Ice: Artist in Residency for kunstnere fra Norge og Island

Korpulfsstadir2 1300x600
  • Sted Reykjavik, Island
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Gjesteatelieropphold på Island for norske kunstnere og i Lofoten for islandske kunstnere.

AiR Nor-Ice er et treårig prosjekt som gir norske kunstnere mulighet til et opphold på Island. Prosjektet er initiert av Nordnorske Bildende Kunstnere og Organisasjonen for islandske billedkunstnere (SIM). Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter er samarbeidspartner og vertskap for islandske kunstnere. Samarbeidet er foreløpig planlagt til 2020, med en årlig utlysning.

Programmet er kun for medlemmer av Nord-Norske Bildende Kunstnere (NNBK) eller Organisasjonen for islandske billedkunstnere (SIM).

Billedkunstner Tone Fjereide har blitt tildelt AiR Nor-Ice i Reykjavik august 2018.

What is AiR Nor-Ice?

AiR Nor-Ice is a 3-year pilot project to connect and expand networks and cooperation between professional art in the north – focusing on the connection between northern Norway and Iceland.

In Nor-Ice residency is eligible only for members of NNBK and SIM.

The basis of the residency is to share knowledge and experience and learn about each other’s art-political reality based on common challenges such as living conditions of the artists and the conditions for professional practice in Northern-Norway and Iceland. The exchange aims further to be a vehicle to strengthen and establish lasting relationships between professional artists and organizations in Northern Norway and Iceland to enhance cooperation, networking and reciprocal profiling.

The residence project was initiated by NNBK / The Association of North Norwegian Visual Artists and SIM / Association of Icelandic Artists in 2015 and is funded by the Norwegian Cultural Council, SIM and North Norwegian Art Centre, which is NNBK’s local project partner and residence host in Northern-Norway.

About the residency

When: 2. AUGUST – 31. AUGUST 2018
Iceland / SIM / Korpúlfsstaðir.
Korpúlfsstaðir is on the eastern outskirts of Reykjavík, 10 km from the city center. The house, which was built in the years between 1925-30, was previously one of the largest milk production in Iceland. Today, Korpúlfsstaðir houses various activities such as 40 SÍM artist studios, a textile workshop, a ceramic workshop, artist driving gallery and a golf club a golf course outside.
The SÍM apartment in Korpúlfsstaðir consists of a living room (TV / sofa), a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower, these areas are shared. In residence there are 3 artists at all times. A large studio shared by 3 artists / designers lives every time. Each artist has it’s own private bedroom with two beds. Internet is available. Apartment / studio is a non-smoking area.

Financial and practical

The residency includes a living and working space, support for travel expenses of 5,000 NOK and 4,000 NOK free of use to cover living costs / car rental. We strongly recommend you to rent a car together for sharing and pick-up/return at Keflavik airport.
www.autoeurope.no has the cheapest rates.

The resident artists will participate in the artist presentation program with artist talks / exhibition at the SIM gallery in Reykjavik during their stay.

The selection is by open call – based on proposal for stay, artistic merits and the quality of artistic practice. The application must be written in English for the SIM jury / board review.

The application is to be sent to nnbkunst@gmail.com. Please write «Korpúlfsstaðir Reykjavik Residency» in subject field.

Deadline will be announced.

Application have to include the following information

Personal information: full name, place and date of birth, all contact details

Proposal for stay and how you would go about relating your work to this context


Examples of previous works/portfolio as pdf max 10mb, Video/sound work (max. 3 min)

Previous Islandic residents part of AiR-Nor Ice in Svolvær:

«Staying at the Kunstnerhuset was a pleasant experience, a time to reflect and work on an inner process in my art practice. Working on developing different things while tuning in to the nature there. The studio I had was quite good, plenty of headspace and the feeling of staying in a residency on a small island fitted me very well. Staying in Svolvær gave me time to reach my thoughts and dwell with them in a meditative state. I managed to develop something concrete within me there and when leaving Lofoten I felt nourished. My stay there was a good jump off into a process of action after a period of contemplation.» Andrea Ágústa Aðalsteinsdóttir

Siste fra Kunstkanalen
Film om Signe Johannessens utstilling
Se og hør Signe Johannessen snakke om sin utstilling "Hamløperne" i denne korte reportasje-videoen av Jona Kleinlein og Nelly Haag. Utstillingen vises på Nordnorsk kunstnersenter i Svolvær fram til 21. januar.

Siste fra nyheter
Seminar om kunst i offentlige rom i Bodø
Illustrasjon 2

Siste fra prosjekt
Videoformidling av kunst i offentlig rom
Polarsirkel VGS videostill
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