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LIAF 2022 engages regional artists in long-term artist residency programs in northern Norway, as part of Bodø 2024, the European Capital of Culture. A total of four artists and artist groups based in the region will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in art projects as part of LIAF 2022 and Bodø 2024. The invitation includes a scholarship of 100,000 NOK to each of the invited artists / artist groups.
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Throughout his whole artistic practice, John K. Raustein has explored the textile tradition as a starting point for associative objects and social commentary. He uses this understanding of materials and craft knowledge as the basis for three-dimensional and conceptually rooted textile sculptures and room installations.

The Archive of the Forgotten by John K. Raustein can be experienced at the North Norwegian Artists' Centers gallery in Svolvær, Lofoten. From Nov 6, 2021 To Jan 9, 2022.

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John K. Raustein: video fra Glemselens Arkiv
Med den poetiske men selvmotsigende utstillingstittelen, «Glemselens arkiv», synes Raustein å gi oss et hint om minnenes status og posisjon i erindringsarbeidet. I denne videoen forteller Raustein om noen av sine tanker bak og inspirasjonskilder til verk i utstillingen.
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