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Good Name (Bad Phrase), LIAF 2017: I Taste the Future. Scheduled audio listening, 10 min. Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik/LIAF

We are looking for exhibition hosts for LIAF2022!

Do you want to work as a host for Lofoten International Art Festival LIAF2022, or do you know someone who would want to?

We are looking for exhibition hosts for this year's Lofoten International Art Festival which will take place in Kabelvåg in the period 3 September to 2 October 2022. You work on scheduled shifts with 5-6 working days per week.

If you are interested, send your CV and a short application text to post@nnks.no by 16 May 2022.

Read more about LIAF here: https://info.liaf.no/

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Film about "The New Theater of Operations" with Bianca Hisse
This film invites audiences to a poetic presentation of Bianca Hisse and her new exhibition «The New Theater of Operations» at North Norwegian Art Centre.
Contact us for details about the product

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