The North Norwegian Art Centre is Northern Norway's regional center for contemporary art. Our aim is to create interest for art and arts and crafts in the region through a regional and international orientation.

In Svolvær, The North Norwegian Art Centre works with an ongoing exhibition program and sales of arts and crafts from the region. The Centre runs Kunstnerhuset in Lofoten, a residency house for artists located on the island of Svinøya. Every other year The North Norwegian Art Centre organizes Lofoten International Art Festival, LIAF.

The North Norwegian Art Centre, founded by the region's artist associations, is a key player in North Norwegian art life and a professional resource for artists, our audiences, public and private organisations. NNKS is part of the Northern Norwegian Cultural Agreement.

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    Boks 285, N-8301 Svolvær

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    +47 400 89 595

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    Fiskergata 5

Gallery and art shop

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    Torget 20


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    Monday - Friday


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    10 - 16

Last from Kunstkanalen
Video om Samvær Under Tilsün Fritidsklup
Utstillingen vises ved Nordnorsk kunstnersenter i Svolvær fra 25. mars til 14. mai, 2023. Her får du møte kunstnerne, og får et innblikk i prosessen bak.
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