About us

North Norwegian Art Centre is Northern Norway's regional center for contemporary art. Our aim is to create interest for art and arts and crafts in the region through a regional and international orientation.

In Svolvær, North Norwegian Art Centre works with an ongoing exhibition program and sales of arts and crafts from the region. The Centre runs Kunstnerhuset Svolvær, a residency house for artists located on the island of Svinøya. Every other year North Norwegian Art Centre organises Lofoten International Art Festival - LIAF.

North Norwegian Art Centre, founded by the region's artist associations, is a key player in North Norwegian art life and a professional resource for artists, our audiences, public and private organisations. North Norwegian Art Centre is part of the Northern Norwegian Cultural Agreement.

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    Boks 285, N-8301 Svolvær

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    +47 400 89 595

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    Fiskergata 5

Gallery and art shop

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    Torget 20


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    Monday - Friday


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    10 - 16

Last from Kunstkanalen
Video om Signe Johannessens utstilling «Hamløperne»
Se og hør Signe Johannessen snakke om sin utstilling "Hamløperne" i denne korte reportasje-videoen av Jona Kleinlein. Utstillingen vises på Nordnorsk kunstnersenter i Svolvær fram til 21. januar.
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