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The 70th Northern Norwegian Art Exhibition

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Touring the region since 1948!

The Northern Norwegian Art Exhibition is an annual, artist-curated exhibition with a longstanding tradition. First arranged in 1946 and touring the region since 1948, it is one of the oldest exhibitions of its kind in Norway and an important venue for debutants and established artists alike. This year’s 70th anniversary exhibition consists of works by the following artists:

Yngve Henriksen, Kari Johanne Nordheim, Elisabet Alsos Strand, Linn Rebekka Åmo, Ragnhild Johansen, Kamilla Sajetz Mathisen, Ina Marie Winther Åshaug, Elina Waage Mikalsen, Inger Anne Nyaas, Synnøve Persen, Katharina Zahl Fagervik, Harald Lien, Yvonne Normanseth, Kari Elfstedt, Håvard Stamnes, Ottar Karlsen, Jon Harald Glomsås, Lisbeth Skranes and Thor Arne Losnedahl.

This year’s jury consists of artists Tore Reisch, Sigfrid Hernes, Barbro M. Tiller and Grethe Irene Einarsen.

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The Hands That Unravel the Sweater is curated by Anne Klontz for The Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts and The North Norwegian Arts Centre. The exhibition was open from 18 June –14 August 2022 at The North Norwegian Arts Centre in Svolvær, Lofoten. Participating artists include Ahmed Umar, Boom! Glass Group, Elisabeth Haarr, Erika Stöckel, Faith Ringgold, Hannah Ryggen, Hannah Ryggen Army, Karen Kviltu Lidal, matt lambert and Matt J. Smith.
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