A performance lecture about culture and life and death during the opening event of the filmprogram from I Am a Multitude at Havremagasinet in Boden.

““No being is purely individual… being alive means participating in permanent community and continually reinventing oneself as part of an immeasurable network of relationships””
— (Andreas Weber, Matter and desire, s. 29)

In connection with the opening of the film programme I am a Multitude at Havremagasinet, Eva Bakkeslett will give a performance lecture with her own works as a starting point. A central theme is how humans, nature and culture should be considered as one living organism. During this lecture we will meet a stromatolitt (a fossil of cyan bacteria from the beginning of life), a handful of worms from a compost bin, an ancient sour dough bacteria culture from Russia, an immigrant yoghurt who migrated from Armenia to New York a hundred years ago, and some lively potatoes who blur the borders between life and death.

Eva Bakkeslett is an artist, filmmaker, curator, and activist; she works in the intersection between art and ecology. Through film, social sculpture, interactive installation, workshops and lectures, she tells stories where ecology, coexistence, and sensory perspectives are important components. Her work brings attention and awareness to the relationships between humanity, nature, and culture as a living organism. Her film Bee from 2007 talks about the importance of these collaborative pollinating insects, their complex and intelligent way of life, and the artificial duality between culture and nature.

Bakkeslett received her MA in Arts & Ecology from Darlington College of Art in Devon, England. Her work has been presented at numerous film festivals, at Høstutstillingen in Oslo, the Northern Norwegian Art Exhibition, and at MoMa in New York. She has previously exhibited at, among other places, Barents Spektakel in Kirkenes, Bellingham University Gallery in Washington, DOX Centre for Contemporary Arts in Prague, and at Pixelache in Helsinki. In 2010 she curated the ground-breaking exhibition, Gentle Actions, at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo.

I am a Multitude was curated by Karolin Tampere and Torill Østby Haaland, and produced by North Norwegian Art Centre in collaboration with The Arctic Arts Festival (Festspillene i Nord-Norge).

Supported by Nordic Culture Fund and Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

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