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Arts Place at Mo, part two at Rana Library

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Screening of award-winning short film and presentation of upcoming new art projects at Mo.

In connection with the dismantling of Robert Johansson’s sculpture MIKADO in Jernbaneparken at Mo, North Norwegian Art Center invites to an evening at the Rana library. It will be presentations of new art projects that will take place in the municipality of Rana in the near future.

Mari Nordsteien from Polarsirkelen High school will present the public art projects integrated in this the new school building. She will focus on the work of the artist Shwan Dler Qaradaki, which takes place in the TIP building. Nordsteien will also talk about the other planned art projects for the building, and tell about how they work as a committee on the assignment.

Mari Nordsteien is Head of Department of Art Design Architecture at the Polarsirkelen High school and has been a specialist in the field for many years.

Visual artist and filmmaker, Aleksander Johan Andreassen is invited by NNKS to make a new art project at Mo. In conversation with Karolin Tampere from NNKS he will talk about his artistic work using the film Strim as an anchor point. Andreassen will connect the working process of this film to introduce an new art project which is under planning. Strim won «Gullstolen» for best Norwegian short film during the Short Film Festival in Grimstad in 2017.

Aleksander Johan Andreassen is an artist and filmmaker. He was born and raised in Bodø and lives in Oslo. He works mainly with film and video installations, and is also involved in various collaborative projects in arts, film and performing arts. He has his education from The Bergen National Academy of Arts and Konstfack in Stockholm. Alexander has shown his works in exhibitions and at film festivals nationally and abroad.

About the short film Strim: Sigrid is looking for her cat, Liv. During the search, through both action and movement, Sigrid’s inner monologue becomes an outer. She collides with, and is guided by, meetings part of her community. Strim is filmed during two weeks of July 2016 in Grorudalen north east of Oslo. Sigrid is played by dance artist Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas.

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