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North Norwegian Art Center and CYFEST-13: COSMOS AND CHAOS

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CYFEST is one of the largest international media art festivals in Eastern Europe. North Norwegian Art Center is one of the festival's partners and our curator, Karolin Tampere, has co-curated the Norwegian contribution to the festival.

CYFEST was founded by a group of independent artists and curators in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2007. Since its inception, CYFEST's main focus has been to examine the dialogue between new and traditional visual languages and to show technological achievements through artistic transformation. CYFEST unites art professionals, artists, curators, teachers and thinkers, programmers, engineers and media activists around the world, and expands contemporary art and merges with various disciplines in science and technology.

The festival's Norwegian artists and works.

Viktor Pedersen

I am a Multititude (2020)

Victor Pedersen: Jeg er mangfoldig (I am a multitude), 2020
Viktor Pedersen: Jeg er mangfoldig (I am a multitude), 2020

Is a video work showing bacteria and fungi grown from samples of my body. These cultures are sampled from fingers, toes, ears, inside the mouth, anus, etc .. Half of the human body consists of microbes, so-called non-human organisms. Research now shows that bacteria can to some extent affect what we think and feel. In a western worldview, people imagine that they are independent and separated from other life in nature. But bacterial life challenges these concepts by showing that we are not individuals, but collectives inhabited by millions of organisms. There are several consciousnesses that live in a body.

I am a multitude
was also shown during the festival exhibition by the same name during Arctic Arts festival in Northern Norway, 2021.

Viktor Pedersen (f. 1988) works interdisciplinary with performance, video, text and sound. Viktor examines how humans relate to nature, by looking at the relationships we share with other organisms in conscious and unconscious ways. By applying an animistic worldview, he tries to approach the non-human in order to understand the intrinsic value of nature. Viktor has a bachelor's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø, and has a MA from the Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo. His work has recently been exhibited at the Autumn Exhibition (Oslo, 2020), LIAF2019 (Lofoten International Art Festival) and Small Projects (Tromsø, 2017).

Tine Surel Lange

Arctic Creatures: Repparfjord (2019) and Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea (2019)

Arctic Creatures: Repparfjord (2019) Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea (2019)
Tine Surel Lange: Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea, 2019.

These video works explore the idea of an evolutionary solution to the ongoing climate change - with a new species whose fundemental basis of life is all we cannot live off. A new species that is happy with the changes that are happening now, and that sees every man-made environmental disaster as possible business areas. Will it be a motivation for us (humans) to deal with our changing world if the motivation is not to save our fundamentals for life, but to destroy the fundamentals of a new and (possibly) competing species?

Tine Surel Lange (b. 1989, Hadsel, Norway) is a composer and interdisciplinary artist based in the Arctic Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway. Her works take the form of experimental instrumental and electroacoustic compositions, installations, performances and audiovisual works. Her works are rooted in organic material - with a focus on listening, space and how connotations color how we listen and experience art. Lately, she has been focused on 3D sound, sounding objects, sound for stage productions and creating conceptual works for sound and image - fascinated by magical realism and the coming doom of humanity.

Damla Kilickiran

Psychographs (2018) 4 animations in different durations.

02.Damla Kilickiran_Psykografier_2018. Photo_Kjell Ove Storvik_LIAF2019
Damla Kilickiran: Psykografier, 2018. Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik under LIAF2019

In Psychographies, quiet animations probe the room and appear as transcripts of exploratory mental moods. The abstract figures resembling hieroglyphs generate associations with the transcendental; mathematical forms such as Möbius strips or vesica piscis, and with fabled animals such as the Phoenix. Historically, psychography as a spiritual tool has been reincarnated in various forms. Best known as automatic writing or automatism used to connect with the unconscious. In Damla's psychographs, space and the projected figures create a semiotic landscape in the process of change: a landscape that can be read where the language ends.

were also shown during the Lofoten International Art Festival / LIAF in 2019.

Damla Kilickiran is an artist living in Oslo. Her inspiration, from stories and cosmologies within spiritual traditions, meditates on themes related to alternative states as a method of image production and knowledge. Often leads the mind to automatism, focusing on the thresholds of language in the introspective body and its relationship to the world. She has an MFA from the Art Academy in Oslo and has recently exhibited at Destiny's Atelier, Oslo (2020) and Lofoten International Art Festival, Svolvær (2019).

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