Ended exhibition

Tanya Busse: Secretary of the Invisible at TEMPORADAS, Portugal

Secretary of the Invisible documents what lies hidden and out-of-view and grounds them in the material force of film and images.

The works digest cycles of organic growth and death, the production and consumption of power, and the mechanisms of energy distribution — both fabricated and naturally occurring.

Tanya Busse is a visual artist working across mediums of moving-image, installation and photography. Her practice boasts the synthesis of nature often combined with an industrial, post-human presence. Busse is interested in deep-time, invisible architecture and how power is produced and articulated through material relationships and histories of place.

The exhibition is curated by the North Norwegian Art Center.

TEMPORADAS is supported by the Connecting Dots - Artistic Mobility and Audience Development program of the EEA GRANTS fund, in a strategic partnership and co-financed by the Municipality of Ponta Delgada.

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