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Thoughts on Distillation: On Mute Mutiny, performance by Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel

Performance lecture by Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel.

Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel presents a playful performance-lecture, where historical chronicles of distillation and alchemy, personal confessions, and traditions connected to the use of natural materials for the manufacture of perfumes, are weaved together to form an associative mind-map.

The performance lasts 30 minutes and takes place twice, at 15:00 and at 17:00.

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Sommerskole med Nordnorsk kunstnersenter
I månedskiftet juni-juli gjennomførte Nordnorsk kunstnersenter sommerskole for barn i alderen 9-12 år. Sommerskolen ble finansiert av Vågan kommune. Det ble 5 dager med 5 ulike aktiviteter på kunstnerhuset i Svolvær.

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