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Kaia Hugin: Motholic Mobble

From the series Motholic Mobble we will be screening number 5 and 10. Surrealistic acts framed by dark humour mark these short, striking films.

With characters who resolutely repeat the same motions and who appear to be locked in a destructive pattern of behaviour, Hugin mixes the eerie with the poetic and hilarious. While the films are both visually striking and catchy, we simultaneously become wary of a subtle feeling of insecurity and of a psychological and bodily ambivalence. Here, a bodily experience that approaches the irrational, foreign and dangerous is being conveyed. As such, the films enter into a dialogue with Irene Nordli’s exhibition which is shown in the main gallery.

The title “Motholic Mobble” takes its starting point from the medical expression motility, a term for non-volitional motions. Mobble is a play on the word babble, and indicates something incoherent and devoid of meaning. Hugin’s universe is governed by abstract rules and a place where the irrational is allowed to surface.

Kaia Hugin (b. 1975) graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2011. She lives and works in Kolbotn, Akershus. She has screened her films at film festivals both in Norway and abroad, and has had several solo exhibitions, among these at Rake showroom in Trondheim, the Vigeland Museum in Oslo and at Oslo Kunstforening.

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