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Greece and Norway: Center, periphery or it’s complicated?

online conference, 11.04.2022

The Research Centre for the Humanities (RCH) and the Norwegian Institute at Athens are organising the conference “Greece and Norway: European center, periphery or it’s complicated?” on April 11th, 2022 from 11.00 to 18.00.

This conference aims to undertake an interdisciplinary critical and comparative line of research on
a) how the two modern nation states can be studied based on the concept of the centre/periphery as a historical, geographical, economic, social and cultural construct;
b) how such an approach could drive to a critical re-examination and re-thinking of this old dichotomy between “center” and “periphery”.

As part of the programme, the participants of the Transmissions sound art residency will present a film screening and discuss about their experience in the project.

The conference will be held online and is open for everyone, just follow the link below:

The Transmissions residency is co-organized by Syros Sound Meetings (Greece) & North Norwegian Arts Centre (Norway and is part of the Transmissions project, supported by the EEA Grants program and the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014–2021. Transmissions is coordinated by ONASSIS STEGI (Greece) in partnership with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival (Norway).

Siste fra Kunstkanalen
Se filmen om "The New Theater of Operations" med Bianca Hisse
I denne filmen får du møte Bianca Hisse i en poetisk presentasjon av hennes nye utstiling «The New Theater of Operations» på Nordnorsk kunstnersenter.
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